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You will easily understand our vision if you think just for a moment about the last time a sweeping cultural, societal, economic and technological wave of change was about to begin – at the eve of the MIddle Ages and the twilight of the Renaissance. The problems of the day – both those practical ones such as the never-ending wars and the ravaging plague, and those theoretical ones such as "How many angels can dance on a tip of a needle?" – were resolved either through spontaneous creative evolution, or were understood as irrelevant.

We see our situation today as closely similar. Only our problems and the opportunities that are opening up are quite a bit more spectacular.


You will easily understand our mission if you go back in time about five centuries or so. Zoom in, more concretely, on Galileo imprisoned in his home, a century after Copernicus, whispering eppur si muove into his beard.

Placing the Sun into the center of what we now call the "Solar System" was a comparatively small matter, which was for a long time ignored because it contradicted the prevailing "order of things" or paradigm. But when Newton showed how in this new "order of things" the behavior of the planets could be explained and precisely predicted with the help of mathematical models, the resulting way of exploring the world became the standard that guided the humanity through an unprecedented era of accelerated change.

"If I have seen further", Isaac Newton famously wrote, "it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

It is this "standing on the shoulders of giants" that Knowledge Federation has endeavored to enable. The mission of Knowledge Federation is to give knowledge the power to make a difference.

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