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A discipline joins together experts in a certain field to work on extending the knowledge within that field. A transdiscipline joins together knowledge workers and other stakeholders representing a suitable combination of backgrounds and interests, to work on a design task or an issue of contemporary interest.

The transdiscipline organizational model enables the following natural approach to sustainability: The creation of a living society—whose institutions or more generally systems are capable of adapting and evolving. A trandiscipline is created around a core social system prototype (public informing, governance, education, science and innovation, finance...), to evolve it continuously, in synchrony with the changing needs, academic and other insights, and latest technology.

A transdiscipline also enables a natural approach to knowledge federation: Its members come to (the challenge of) a transdiscipline with fresh insights from their disciplins; they return to their disciplines with fresh insights about real-world needs.

Knowledge Federation develops the transdiscipline organizational model through bootstrapping (by using itself as a research prototype or sandbox).

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