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First International Workshop on Knowledge Federation: Charting the knowledge federation approach and resources. The first Knowledge Federation workshop, held in October 2008 at the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, was a meeting of a small group of international researchers working on creative IT-enabled patterns for knowledge work. We chose 'knowledge federation' to denote our shared destination – the good knowledge work practices that can now be enabled by technology – meaningful organization of knowledge resources, and co-creation of community-wide critical insights. At the workshop we began federating our ideas about knowledge federation, and charting the corresponding technical tools and interaction patterns. It was clear to us that the already existing or emerging IT tools could revolutionize knowledge work; but that the progress on putting them into practice had been slow. We realized that the key task was to recreate and change the actual knowledge work practices; and that this task required that we organize ourselves in a different way, and develop a different way of working.
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