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Knowledge federation is

  • organization of knowledge resources analogous to political federation
  • practice supporting such organization
  • (when capitalized) community developing knowledge federation

Knowledge federation has potential to transform key human activities — in a similar way as the steam engine once revolutionized transportation, and as the conveyor belt shaped industrial production:

Knowledge Federation community self-organizes to develop knowledge federation and realize its potential. Initially, the community is structured as a federation of eight projects:

  • Journalism for the 21st Century project creates a federated model of journalism by developing the Knowledge Federation Media Channel
  • Knowledge Federation Course project creates a globally federated education model by developing the Knowledge Federation Course
  • Knowledge Federation Research project creates the post-discipline by organizing knowledge federation research
  • [[Foundations of Knowledge Work|] project works with the foundations for social creation of truth and worldview, while developing a showcase of knowledge federation by federating Dejan Rakovi's creativity-related results
  • Knowledge Federation Stakeholders project recreates sponsoring while securing support for Knowledge Federation
  • Domain Map Object project creates a tool for organizing knowledge and synthesizing meaning
  • Value Matrix Object project creates a tool for separating the gems from the glut
  • Hosting Team project creates a federated approach to leadership and governance while hosting the Knowledge Federation people and activities

We envision two more projects: F-Governance and Knowledge Federation Arts Gallery, and limit the total number to twelve.

To make them viral, Knowledge Federation structures its projects as game-changing games — engaging social activities with clear tasks and goals and large possible gains.

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